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Heroes of Might and Magic III
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In this section you can see the characteristics and features of all units in the game, from attack and defense to the value of creatures for the computer AI. Click on the appropriate mob and all the information about it will appear on the right. If you want to filter or sort creatures by some parameters, the filter panel will help you. There are separate articles about some abilities of creatures in the Mechanic section, where the corresponding links lead to. Want to compare two units? Go to the "Compare creatures" section and select the ones you are interested in on the right and left.

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Game mechanics

In this section you can learn more about:
  • Stats and abilities of Creatures
  • Characteristics and skills of Heroes
  • Features of movement on the map and on the battlefield
  • Behavior and scripts of computer players
  • Effects of Spells and variants of their application
  • Features and characteristics of Battle Machines
  • Cities, buildings, and their influence on the course of the game
As well as a lot of hidden mechanics, information about which is not in the game.
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