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About Hommbase

Back in 1999, few people could imagine that Heroes of Might and Magic III, which was released then, would become a kind of legend that would be relevant and in demand even decades later, but that's what we see, and now it's hard to find a person who wouldn't know about it.

For all this time fans of the series have created countless different resources dedicated to the game: forums with discussions, knowledge bases on game objects, fan art, repositories with a huge amount of additional content and many more useful things.

We conceived this project with the purpose to collect relevant information from various sources, to systematize it as much as possible, filter it and present it in a convenient form. The main idea is to make a base of creatures, artifacts, heroes, spells and many other game objects, so that you can immediately see all the important information in one place, if necessary, sort it and filter it, compare one thing with another.

Sometimes you have to visit 2-3 internet resources to get the full picture, we will try to fit it all into one resource as much as possible.

In addition to the basic parameters and characteristics of certain game objects, our site has a section Game mechanics, where various gameplay subtleties, ability descriptions and calculation formulas for different aspects of the game are collected. The content for this section is mostly taken from a large guide called FizMiG, where you can find almost any verified information about Heroes III.

Since now most players, though not all, use the Horn of the Abyss add-on, all the data on our site are customized for it, but that doesn't mean that they will be useless for other versions of the game.

The site is primarily a knowledge base, but in addition to this, we have created a section with links to useful Soft that will help in creating your own scenarios and in changing in-game files, as well as a section where Maps created by players will be posted, there you can also read about them and if you want to download.

We hope that Heroes III fans will find our resource useful and find something new for themselves here. If you want to leave a comment, feedback or ask us a question, you can write to the e-mail address by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

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