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Creature generatorsarrow-up icon
object imageGuardhouse
object imageArchers tower
object imageGriffin tower
object imageBarracks
object imageMonastery
object imageTraining grounds
object imagePortal of glory
object imageCentaur stables
object imageDwarf cottage
object imageHomestead
object imageEnchanted spring
object imageDendroid arches
object imageUnicorn glade
object imageDragon cliffs
object imageWorkshop
object imageParapet
object imageGolem factory
object imageMage tower
object imageAltar of wishes
object imageGolden pavilion
object imageCloud temple
object imageImp crucible
object imageHall of sins
object imageKennels
object imageDemon gate
object imageHell hole
object imageFire lake
object imageForsaken palace
object imageCursed temple
object imageGraveyard
object imageTomb of souls
object imageEstate
object imageMausoleum
object imageHall of darkness
object imageDragon vault
object imageWarren
object imageHarpy loft
object imagePillar of eyes
object imageChapel of stilled voices
object imageLabyrinth
object imageManticore lair
object imageDragon cave
object imageGoblin barracks
object imageWolf pen
object imageOrc tower
object imageOgre fort
object imageCliff nest
object imageCyclops cave
object imageBehemoth lair
object imageGnoll hut
object imageLizard den
object imageSerpent fly hive
object imageBasilisk pit
object imageGorgon lair
object imageWyvern nest
object imageHydra pond
object imageMagic lantern
object imageAltar of air
object imageAltar of water
object imageAltar of fire
object imageAltar of earth
object imageAltar of thought
object imagePyre
object imageElemental conflux
object imageNymph waterfall
object imageShack
object imageFrigate
object imageNest
object imageTower of the seas
object imageNix fort
object imageMaelstrom
object imageHalfling adobe
object imageFoundry
object imageRanch
object imageManufactory
object imageCatacombs
object imageWatchtower
object imageSerpentarium
object imageGantry
object imageHovel
object imageBoar glen
object imageRogue cavern
object imageAlehouse
object imageTomb of curses
object imageNomad tent
object imageTreetop tower
object imageWineyard
object imageTroll bridge
object imageZiggurat
object imageEnchanter`s hollow
object imageMagic forest
object imageSulfurous lair
object imageCrystal cave
object imageFrozen cliffs
object imageAncient lamp
object imageWar machine factory
object imageCannon yard
object imageRefugee camp
object imageHillfort (stone)
object imageHillfort (wood)
object imageSkeleton transformer
Resources and artifactsarrow-up icon
object imageWater wheel
object imageWind mill
object imageDerrick
object imageMystical garden
object imageProspector
object imageWarehouse of wood
object imageWarehouse of mercury
object imageWarehouse of ore
object imageWarehouse of sulfur
object imageWarehouse of crystal
object imageWarehouse of gem
object imageWarehouse of gold
object imageAbandoned mine
object imageAlchemist`s lab
object imageCrystal cavern
object imageGem pond
object imageGold mine
object imageOre pit
object imageSaw mill
object imageSulfur dune
object imageTrading post
object imageBlack market
object imageJunkman
object imageFreelancers guild
object imageWarlock`s lab
object imageLean to
object imageWarrior`s tomb
object imageCorpse
object imageWagon
object imageGrave
object imageFlotsam
object imageJetsam
object imageSea barrel
object imageShipwreck survivor
object imageSea chest
object imageWood
object imageOre
object imageCrystals
object imageGems
object imageSulfur
object imageMercury
object imageGold
object imageTreasure chest
object imageCampfire
Spells and manaarrow-up icon
object imageShrine of magic incantation
object imageShrine of magic gesture
object imageShrine of magic thought
object imageShrine of magic mystery
object imageMagic well
object imageMagic spring
object imageAltar of mana
object imageVial of mana
Skills and parametersarrow-up icon
object imageStar axis
object imageGarden of revelation
object imageLearning stone
object imageIdol of fortune
object imageArena
object imageColosseum of the magi
object imageMarletto tower
object imageMercenary camp
object imageSchool of magic
object imageSchool of war
object imageLibrary of enlightenment
object imageUniversity
object imageTemple
object imageTemple of loyalty
object imageWitch hut
object imageAltar of sacrifice
object imageRally flag
object imageSwan pond
object imageFountain of fortune
object imageFaerie ring
object imageFountain of youth
object imageTree of knowledge
object imageOasis
object imageWatering hole
object imageMineral spring
object imageHermit`s shack
object imageGazebo
object imageScholar
object imageSeafaring academy
object imageMermaids
object imageSirens
object imageBuoy
Treasure trovesarrow-up icon
object imageGriffin conservatory
object imageDwarven treasury
object imageNaga bank
object imageExperimental shop
object imageIvory tower
object imageImp cache
object imageCrypt
object imageChurchyard
object imageMansion
object imageRuins
object imageMedusa stores
object imageCyclops stockpile
object imageWolf raider picket
object imageDragon fly hive
object imageSpit
object imagePirate cavern
object imageDragon utopia
object imageRed tower
object imageBlack tower
object imagePyramid
object imageShipwreck
object imageDerelict ship
object imageBeholder`s sanctuary
object imageTemple of the sea
object imageAncient altar
Movement and explorationarrow-up icon
object imageSubterranean gate
object imageCover of darkness
object imageHut of the magi
object imageEye of the magi
object imageRedwood observatory
object imagePillar of fire
object imageStables
object imageWatering place
object imageTrailblazer
object imageTown gate
object imageCartographer (ground)
object imageCartographer (underground)
object imageCartographer (water)
object imageMonolith one way entrance
object imageMonolith one way exit
object imagePortal one way entrance
object imagePortal one way exit
object imageMonolith two way
object imagePortal two way
object imageSea portal two way
object imageShipyard
object imageAirship yard
object imageLighthouses
object imageObservatory
object imageObservation tower
object imageWhirlpool
object imageBoat
object imageAirship
Obstacles and questsarrow-up icon
object imageGarrison
object imageAntimagic garrison
object imageBorder guard
object imageQuest guard
object imageBorder gate
object imageQuest gate
object imageKeymaster`s tent
object imageSeer`s hut
Special objectsarrow-up icon
object imageTown
object imageDen of thieves
object imagePrison
object imageHero camp
object imageSanctuary
object imageTavern
object imageObelisk
object imageSigns
object imagePandora`s box
object imageOcean bottle
object imageCursed grounds
object imageMagic plains
object imageClover field
object imageEvil fog
object imageFiery fields
object imageHoly grounds
object imageLucid pools
object imageMagic clouds
object imageRocklands
object imageCracked ice
object imageDunes
object imageFields of glory
object imageFavorable winds
object imageEvent
object imagePlace of battle


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settings iconTuned
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